Sorry its been a while

August 23, 2020

Well what can i say its been a very busy Two years ,

Fundraising ,world wide Pandemic ,awards ,Documentaries and a small Heart Problem


April 2019 was my Fourth London Marathon 

i was invited to do a talk on stage about Fundraising at the Expo 

truly honoured .

this VLM was incredibly memorable  not only for the media and fundraising but the day after  the run i had breakfast and Eliud Kipchoge  sat beside me and signed my top ,what an incredible guy 


my next adventure was one of my favorites ,the Sunderland 10km running for the amazing St Benedicts Hospice 

target of £500 but raised over £1200




well it wasnt too long after  i had a bit of a shock 

i had a cardiac episode ,turns out i have a leaking heart valve forever on medication now 

so missed a few runs 



 i did turn up at the Great North 10km i was meant to be running for YMCA Newcastle but obviously it couldnt happen 

Brendan Foster really looked after me that day 

 unfortunately  i over did it and ended back in hospital for 10 days 

i was ordered to take it easy which i did 

i was allowed to attend our Pj Night the week after but i wasnt allowed to dance .





i did  turn up at the Great North Run not intending to run butttttttt lol

i took it very very slowly  .

only a matter of weeks later i was surprised at work by Ross Hutchinson  with the

ITV Tyne Tees Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the Year



the Pride of Britain awards were without doubt  the most surreal night of my life

everywhere you looked you were either inspired or in awe of the celebrities



 end of part One 








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