We Will Never Forget

22nd May 2017

South Shields changed forever

We as a town lost two amazing young children in the atrocities at the Manchester Arena .

Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry will forever be remembered by the entire community

The two Families started a trust in their memory ,to help children in the Northeast have a chance to fulfil their dreams in theatre or sport .

as the Anniversary was approaching i wanted to help raise some funds for the trust

firstly i was asked to play in a charity Football match at Mariners Park .


The day was a massive success raising over £5000

we,ll not go into the score lol

Sunderland 10km

i talked to the families to make sure they were ok with the design of the dress before i started fundraising

Sunderland was incredibly well organised and as always a brilliant atmosphere.

I set out to raise £500 but reached that after just two hours

exactly one week later was the GREAT MANCHESTER RUN 10km

not only that but also my 50th birthday that day .

i had a choice stay at home and celebrate with my family or go to Manchester by myself to run

the decision was simple for me

it was a weird day for me it was my 50th Birthday yet i did not feel like i should celebrate .

the lost of 22 souls a year earlier was very emotional .

Great Run did a minutes silence before the run

ive never experienced anything so moving

you could hear the breathing from runners and that was all .

we set out to raise £500 but you incredible folk raised over £2000 for the Chloe and Liam Together Forever Trust

i cant thank you all enough for all your support

the Memory of Chloe and Liam will live forever in our hearts

the Families started a Trust