We Will Never Forget

22nd May 2017

South Shields changed forever

We as a town lost two amazing young children in the atrocities at the Manchester Arena .

Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry will forever be remembered by the entire community

The two Families started a trust in their memory ,to help children in the Northeast have a chance to fulfil their dreams in theatre or sport .

as the Anniversary was approaching i wanted to help raise some funds for the trust

firstly i was asked to play in a charity Football match at Mariners Park .


The day was a massive success raising over £5000

we,ll not go into the score lol

Sunderland 10km

i talked to the families to make sure they were ok with the design of the dress before i started fundraising

Sunderland was incredibly well organised and as always a brilliant atmosphere.

I set out to raise £500 but reached that after just two hours

exactly one week later was the GREAT MANCHESTER RUN 10km

not only that but also my 50th birthday that day .

i had a choice stay at home and celebrate with my family or go to Manchester by myself to run

the decision was simple for me

it was a weird day for me it was my 50th Birthday yet i did not feel like i should celebrate .

the lost of 22 souls a year earlier was very emotional .

Great Run did a minutes silence before the run

ive never experienced anything so moving

you could hear the breathing from runners and that was all .

we set out to raise £500 but you incredible folk raised over £2000 for the Chloe and Liam Together Forever Trust

i cant thank you all enough for all your support

the Memory of Chloe and Liam will live forever in our hearts

the Families started a Trust


Fundraiser Colin Plews has been donning the Big Pink Dress and running to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now since 2014 and continues to be one of the great local icons of charity sporting events. 


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