International Womens Day

In what has become second nature to me these days

i have been honoured on many occasion with been called an Honorary lady

ive been thinking about women who have inspired myself over the time ive been Big Pink Dress

let me start with someone who i really dont mention as much as i should

my Beautiful wife Cath

not only has she put up with her husband wearing dresses for over three years ,been shoved aside while people want selfies

and having to put up with my never ending busy schedule .

Next amazing woman has to be Katie Bulmer Cooke ,the one time Tv apprentice

I have never met anyone with quite as much drive as Katie

truly inspiring

Now a Fitness expert ,Radio presenter ,Tv Personality, Speaker ,Newspaper columnist to name just a few

ive had the pleasure of knowing Katie for a few years and its been an amazing experience to watch her grow and expand her empire and still be one of the most grounded people ever .

Next has to be the inspirational Kerry King -Neale

an incredibly humble lady not only does she help run one of the biggest groups on facebook the Geek Asylum

but endlessly helping others with fundraising

always thinking of others first

proud to call her a friend

My next amazing lady is Stephanie Kaire

my unpaid PA lol

she works so so hard and brings up two lovely children and still finds time to endlessly help Big Pink Dress Fundraising

id go as far to say i probably wouldnt still be doing this without her help

no list of inspiring women would be complete without Claire Douglas

a wonderful friend and a lady of sheer will power

every year she puts on the amazing RUN2RESPECT race in Silksworth Sunderland

being ex forces i attend every year

incredibly kind lady

lover her to bits

my lists could go on and on but ill mention one last person i know

Claire Lomas Spincer

anyone who knows Claires life story cant fail to be inspired by a never be beaten attitude

ive had the honour of meeting Claire on a few occasions and watched her do the Great North Run in a Bionic suit .

Claire was paralysed from the chest down after a riding accident but truly didnt let that stop her zest for life .

too all the women who work so hard at inspiring others even if they dont realise they are doing it

its an absolute honour to know you

happy International womens day xxxx

next amazing woman