7 am on a cold Saturday morning in December 2017

in a Car park in Newcastle all were sleeping except a few festive souls waiting to do some good.

Let me introduce my good friend BIG STEVE GREEN , ( SANTA)

We met a few times at various comedy shows and events over the last year or so and got to know each other

after finding out Steve was collecting for the amazing charity CASH4KIDS i wanted to help in some way .

i gave Steve a shout on Facebook and we chatted about the idea of a walk from Newcastle to South Shields collecting toys and cash on the way .

with just 3 weeks to sort this Steve set up a fundraising page with an ambious £500 total .

with just 2 days until the walk we had just raised over half the amount and we were worried we had little chance of hitting the target BUT as usual the generosity of the Great British public didnrt let us down

by 7am on the morning we had passed the £500 target .

so off we went

it was bitterly cold and icy but we were in high spirits not knowing how the day would pan out .

by the time we had done the first mile we had 20 quid in the bucket so off to a decent start

we really didnt know what to expect .

as always the Tyne bridge was a welcome sight

on our way up towards Heworth a van started beeping his horn and stopped about 200 yards ahead of us

when we reached the van he jumped out and handed £20 to us ,what an amazing guy .

Presents and donations started flowing on the way round

just after the Nook we met up with Blossom and her family who donated toys

the last mile was like Ten miles but we were so glad we did it .

we ended up raising over £1200 and approx 110 toys .

we both thought that was it and we would head to the LAFFS4KIDS gig to just watch the show with the wives

unbeknown to Steve and myself Jason Cook and the Cash4kids organisers were giving us plaques for our fundraising

so what did we do straight away




Fundraiser Colin Plews has been donning the Big Pink Dress and running to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now since 2014 and continues to be one of the great local icons of charity sporting events. 


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