Just a Dress ? doesn't BEAR thinking

This November there was a request from a few people asking if I had a Pudsey Bear costume

well surprisingly my answer was No lol.

It got me thinking ,How many children would love a visit from the Bear .

so on the Monday night I rushed from work over to my sponsors BST fabrics https://www.bstfabrics.co.uk/ who kindly donated the fabric needed .

then it took me approx. 6 hours after work to make myself into Pudsey.

Firstly on the Friday I visited a few Kindergartens in South Shields and a couple of Schools (with their kind permission of course ) the kids went crazy it was like a rock star had turned up ,truly magical.

the next day Saturday I was asked to go to Community Corner https://www.facebook.com/communitycorner14 by the Wonderful Cheryl McDonald as they were fundraising for Children in Need.

it has to be one of my favourite fundraising times ,seeing the wonder on children's faces .

I'm already getting bookings for next year lol


Fundraiser Colin Plews has been donning the Big Pink Dress and running to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now since 2014 and continues to be one of the great local icons of charity sporting events. 


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Just a big thankyou to my sponsor BST Fabrics for their incredible continued support and for supplying the fabric for all my outfits - Big Pink Dress probably couldn't go on without your help Thankyou


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