Just a Dress ? doesn't BEAR thinking

This November there was a request from a few people asking if I had a Pudsey Bear costume

well surprisingly my answer was No lol.

It got me thinking ,How many children would love a visit from the Bear .

so on the Monday night I rushed from work over to my sponsors BST fabrics https://www.bstfabrics.co.uk/ who kindly donated the fabric needed .

then it took me approx. 6 hours after work to make myself into Pudsey.

Firstly on the Friday I visited a few Kindergartens in South Shields and a couple of Schools (with their kind permission of course ) the kids went crazy it was like a rock star had turned up ,truly magical.

the next day Saturday I was asked to go to Community Corner https://www.facebook.com/communitycorner14 by the Wonderful Cheryl McDonald as they were fundraising for Children in Need.

it has to be one of my favourite fundraising times ,seeing the wonder on children's faces .

I'm already getting bookings for next year lol