Where it all began...

Allow me to introduce myself as Colin Plews also known to many as the BIG PINK DRESS.

After a dear friend of my wife was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer, where I watched her suffer so much over time, it was such an awful feeling knowing there was nothing I could really do to ease her pain in any way. It was then I decided to do my up most best to help the great charity that is BREAST CANCER NOW and campaign against this awful disease that many other brave women have battled, won or even sadly lost their life to. I can't sit by and watch sisters, mothers, daughters dying from Breast Cancer and do nothing.

My goal was then set to raise as much awareness and vital funds as possible in order to help BREAST CANCER NOW in finding a cure and help more women out there battling this awful disease. This is where the BIG PINK DRESS was born.

People say I was brave for going out and running/walking/wiggling in a Big Pink Dress, I say not at all! My Wife’s dear friend along with many other breast cancer sufferers and survivors are the incredibly brave ones.

Sadly a very dear supporter of mine Marilyn Jones lost her battle to breast cancer on the same day I hit the £10,000 mark of funds raised so far. Therefore, in great respect and memory of this incredibly brave lady I now carry a ribbon on every dress I create and wear with her name on.

Each dress worn is one that is hand crafted from scratch by myself and fits to every unique occasion where an estimated £45,000 has been raised to date with the hope of much more to come.

Here I ask you all to help me on my journey to supporting all women in beating this dreadful disease and help me raise as many funds as possible to support all breast cancer sufferers and survivors. Please let us defeat this so no other person needs to go through it.

Since September 2014 I have spent much of my spare time doing countless fundraising events, marathons, appearances and much more raising a staggering amount of funds to date with the hope to continue in raising much much more.

I have also become so very humbled and grateful at the many awards I have so kindly been given so far, including the Best of South Tyneside Fundraiser of the Year award along with the Tyne and Wear legend award to name a few.

Although this is such a great thing to hold….this does not deter me from my overall aim to achieve what was originally my plan. To help women all over the world tell cancer to #GETFROCKED

One of my favourite times has to have been when I was invited by Steve Cram and his team to be the official starter of the Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon - One of the only times I'm not Pink lol. To be in a press conference with Steve Cram and Paula Radcliffe was a once in a lifetime thing for me - I'm not sure who was more shocked Paula or myself! I got to meet the Sunderland born Olympic Athlete Aly Dixon too a truly lovely lady. A bit sereal but an incredible experience.

I've met so many people since I started fundraising it's been amazing but it all still comes down to fundraising for a cause that means the world to me.

Breast Cancer Now.

Thank you all for your support.