More than just a dress...

Great North Run weekend has always meant alot to Big Pink Dress Fundraising but this year's was especially important.

Every year I run in the big dress and raise awareness and vital funds for Breast Cancer Now but this year's meant more. I wanted to give a little back to all who supported me over the years .

I'd come up with the idea of a Memories garden dress so those who had lost someone could have a personalised rose on the dress. I was inundated with messages ,so much so it was truly breaking my heart with the stories. I ended up with 172 roses each meaning so much to the families.

In the end the dress weighed in at an incredibe 3 stone 9lb and I could feel it as soon as I put it on .

I met so many celebrities over the weekend and was asked to start the Mini Great North Run but it all paled compared to meeting the people who had a rose on the dress. One of the most emotional moments of my life .

I was interviewed by the BBC for the big Screens at the start of the Great North Run and unfortunately I choked up when asked about a rose for South Shields very own Chloe and Liam truly broke my heart.

The actual run was hardest I've ever done the extra weight really was telling.

Plus a couple of viral video moments happened - Big Pink Dress fell over on of all places the Tyne Bridge but luckily was helped up but runners!

And at mile 11 I met Elvis who handed me the Mic - Well that video has 27,000 views in 3 days lold

Once I finally crossed the finish line in 4 hrs 15 mins it truly hit me how hard that was not only the weight if the dress but the weight of all the Memories will stay with me forever.

Thanks for all the support guys.